Saturday, 1 February 2014

Valentine's day Prologue

Well, yes, It’s February already. Valentine’s Day is around the corner and your news feed/reading lists may have been spammed with date ideas, celebration, spa sessions and what not! I think another post WILL NOT KILL YOU!! J I am a big sucker for romanticism. ! I have and will always say that “Love motivates me in everything I do.”   I’m all in for going on lovely dates, getting pampered and being spoilt silly! But I think I’d rather prefer it to be on a day-to-day basis! I actually have NEVER celebrated this day! In a relationship or stag! Having said that, I won’t puke all over the concept just coz I’m not privileged enough *Sob Sob* But I know I will be very soon ;) So all you lovely coupllles (All the mallus will get this one!)  out there, while you are fortunate enough to do so, engage in all the lovey-dovey things that will make you all mushy inside: go on dates, if you are scared to venture outside because of extreme moral policing that day just prepare a romantic lunch/ dinner at home or go on holiday getaways, pamper yourselves, serenade each other with roses, cards, letter or just a cute verbal expression of your emotion to that special one, while singles like me dangle on a thin rope of patience and hope! Hehe
So this was kind of a prologue for the week. The agenda is set, it’s going to be Valentine’s Day specials and some things random... J From last minute gifts to look testings, I plan to strangle you with all the Love and I bet you’ll be lovin’ it too! Woot Woot 


 What She Wants vs What She Needs: Here are a couple of things your girl wants and needs. Invariably, that means Do BOTH!

What She Wants
She may throw around some hints, days before V-Day about that new store that has opened up and she wants to check out! Take her out for shopping there a day prior! Trust me she will be more than grateful and this may Uh, I dunno, keep her on her toes for grabbing better gifts for you *Wink wink*

What She Needs

Take a good look at what she needs:

Trust me if you buy something along these lines, you will be on her good side for the rest of the week! Can’t promise you more than that bro! If you are not good at gift shopping for her, check online for some gifts shopping sites that may help you since its not too late! Click on them and explore the world of women wants and needs: 

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