Monday, 10 February 2014


OH NO! The time is arriving when all the single souls in the planet are terribly traumatized, in the lowest of self esteem or go into deep life and self contemplation. The three most common things happening former V-Day are, singles on house arrest, couples waiting in desperation for the day and a third category of ‘I-Don’t-Care’ group. Well, as cool as the third batch sounds, I know it for a fact that they are the saddest of the lot who want to be on a house arrest with the partner they are waiting in desperation for on V-day! I know many people who go all anti over the opposite sex saying WHO NEEDS EM? Answer: YOU NEEDS EM! Guys, Love is inevitable. IT IS BOUND TO HAPPEN SOME DAY. It would be best if you just stop fighting it and accept it. A famous person once said, “Love is all we need” No matter how baked he must have been, it still stands true. But does that mean being single sucks? Gosh No! How else is ‘THE ONE’ gonna sweep you off your feet? (If that was way too cheesy I totally understand. I felt that too.) Anyway, bottom line is, don’t fight the day, just play it right!  Keep an optimistic and a healthy attitude! I, for one know that being single may sometimes suck and sometimes it may just be a boon.  I’m bankrupt right now, so that totally helps when I don’t have to buy gifts!

So to the entire singleton brigade out there, don’t fret, here are some awesome sauce ideas to keep you going so V-day can pass off as any other day ;-)

© Celebrate it with your close buddies, single or otherwise! It will be a hell lot of fun to tease the couples and what’s best to create good memories with your pals.

© Organize a pyjama party with the gals. Organize cool games, hot chocolate, yummylicious food and sooper-cool movies.

© Try out the one-day spa package. Spend the entire day pampering your body and by the time that    ends, V-Day is over too... Hehe

© Want to feel better? Shop all day long! (I am saving up for thisJ) Go and buy that expensive pair of shoes that you couldn’t afford. Or just buy any generalised item! P.S DO NOT go window shopping! You’ll end up getting frustrated. You want something, you go buy it!

© Don’t feel like venturing out? Shop online instead. There are a lot of deals for V-day going on anyway. Make your E-wallet a bit lighter and trust me it will take longer than you think! Sometimes, almost an entire day!

© Start a new hobby! What’s better than the first day of you hobby! You are excited and can absorb the maximum! Sign up for a cookery, baking, instrument, sketching class etc. Channel all your energy into doing something constructive! All of these will help you later on.. If you know what I mean ;)

© Blame this day and try to bring out the adventurous spirit in you, go camping with the single buds, river rafting, trekking or something you wouldn’t even imagine! You have nothing to lose except for some cool stories to share later on in your lives!

© If you have just been through a bad phase, just stay home and relax. Pile on some DVD’s and watch sappy romantic movies. It’s okay to let out your emotions for a day! Whine for some time and then towards the end of the day, just switch on to watching some really cool action movie or flicks (preferably Will Smith’s) that inspire you. And make you go – “Woaah” This will help you to keep positive.

© Last but not the least, if you are one of the lazytards, Sleep through the day! Or stuff yourself with yummy gourmet items, baked cookies, chocolate bars, ice-cream, pizzas, basically, delicious junk food and lots and lots of it. Nothing beats this natural stress buster. Your motto of the day should be Eat-Sleep and Repeat!

Wow, the last sounds soo tempting that I may just skip shopping! Hehe. That’s all today. Keep snackin’ and keep crackin’ J Woot woot

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