Monday, 17 February 2014

Some Shade Lovin'

The past couple of days have been fun! And by fun yes, that did involve some spa therapy and retail therapy ;) A day back, I was just wandering around the mall not doing anything when this really cool accessory store’s display caught my attention! Needless to say, the next thing I know I’m at the billing counter totally satiated with the unnecessary cupidity for sale. There was a flat 50% off and I just couldn’t resist. The one thing left me spell bounded was their uber cool collection of sunglasses! Now, I know, they are no big brands, and I could have easily purchased one online from Lenskart, but I still couldn’t resist. Here’s a pic of my fav pair: 

I love sunglasses, Oversized, Lennon’s, Aviators, Wayfarer’s, I have em all and it doesn’t matter what brand! my motto is- I like it, I buy it. Period.  Though I’d kill to own a collection like Sir Elton John, who is rumoured to own over 1000 pairs of bifocals! Woot wootJ  like him, I’d too wear it all day long, but now I get to wear them at least for 2 hours, considering the fact that Mumbai is now experiencing all the four seasons of the year in just one day! I just love how a pair of shades oozes out confidence, style and comfort all in a sentence!

Though primarily, I stick to the ones that suit my face-type but I do love diversity. I love how these celebs have experimented with their glasses and have everything going right for them at the moment:

Sienna Miller in a round eccentric gold-rimmed glass that’s a total contrast to her oval face-shape! Fab choice 

Nicole Richie in a square vintage over-sized pair from Yves St. Laurent. A great way to break the focus from the rounded jaw line. Love it!

Miranda Kerr’s Stella McCartney’s eco-friendly cat eyed sunglasses totally compliment her beautiful square face shape. This Victoria Secret model has been often spotted wearing this pair on several occasions.

Yes, it’s absolutely essential, you know your face cut and buy the perfect fit to avoid disastrous results! Want to know more? Check out this chart. Here’s the basic info you need before you pick out some pairs

Now that you know your face shape, you can easily surf for some cool shades at the comfort of your home from Lenskart  

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