Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Shopping for your man

Heyloo it’s time for us gals to sweat it out. And I mean literally! Coz it’s time for us to “SHOP FOR THE MAN.” It’s always a cakewalk shopping for ourselves or even close to our gender. But man, is it tough to shop for the alpha male. I personally get confused as in what would you even get them to make them happy? The choices are so limited too. It circumnavigates from sports shoes/ accessories, gaming consoles, jersey’s, watches, back to more sports stuff! But, it’s valentines and if you gotta receive you gotta give too ;-) Hehe. Speaking of which, here’s a cool Valentine’s Day fun fact for you,

V-Day Fun-Fact
“In Japan, Valentine’s Day is celebrated a tad bit different. On V-Day, women shower the men with chocolates, preferably home-made and other gifts.  However, here’s the catch! The situation gets completely reversed on ‘White Day’ (14th March) a tradition initiated by the National Confectionery Industry Association. As an ‘answer day’ to the women, men have to reimburse them twice or sometimes thrice the amount of gifts they received! Touché! Sounds absolutely LEGIT and must be incorporated worldwide too! Haha”

fact source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Day

Coming back to shopping for dudes, here are some shopping gifting ideas you can grab on for men. 


Trust me when I say that men love gifts as much as women do! That’s a fact. As much as they deny, it’s actually really amusing to see their child-like portrayal on receiving a gift! I had recently checked out the new Hamley’s store near my area and guess what? There were tonnes of premium range toy cars and the top droolers were men! They were literally crushing on them! So standing on those lines,
Here are cool stuffs you can get you guy on V-Day:
   ©    If you have saved up enough, get their favourite gadget like iPod or iTouch or those uber cool headsets.

   ©    If you haven’t saved up enough owing to your own previous shopping guilty pleasures, you could gift him the latest game CD’s that he has been craving for since its release.

   ©    You could also gift him a personalized shirt from his fav band, team etc.. There are a lot of stores who can actually get them done at quite cheap rates.

   ©    If your guy is a food junkie, learn some good recipes online and prepare an awesome sauce three-course meal right from appetisers to the desserts! Yummy!!

   ©    Also, if your guy is an adventure type, pre-plan a trip for just the two for some adventure sports like short hikes, para-gliding, scuba diving, sky-diving etc.. you would be surprised to know that there are a lot of adventure sports happening around you. Even in Maharashtra itself! Here’s a site listing of scuba diving I just happened to cross paths with :

   ©    If your guy loves all things classic, gift him a lovely suit with a tie and cufflink set or his favourite perfume!

   ©    The dude’s a complete book worm? gift him a collector’s book edition of the book he’s been eyeing on!

   ©    If he is a movie buff, get him super cool DVD’s of his favourite action movies.
Attention Attention! awesome idea blurt: If your guy is a serious Indiana Jones fan, gift him a fedora and a green satchel and be prepared to see the look in his eyes!
You can also do the same with any of his favourite movie! Woot Woot J

©    Also, make sure everything you do above is separated from another list of shopping you have done for him! Oh yes absolutely, whoever said, “love don’t cost a thing sugardoll” definitely hasn’t been in a relationship! So in addition to any of the gift you chose above, shop for some clothes; add some casual t-shirts, jeans, sunglasses etc..

If you are still admissibly confused, checkout these online sites that have a lot of great gifting ideas that may help you!

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