Sunday, 9 February 2014

Kalaghoda Arts Festival 2014

I visited the Kalaghoda Arts Festival yesterday with my friend. What’s this festival you ask? It is an annual festival held around Jan or Feb for about a week promoting Arts and its sub cultures like theatre, dance, music, literature, visual arts etc. Also in addition there are lectures, seminars, workshops and the main attraction- street exhibitions with a variety of stalls of skilled artisans, food stalls, artists selling their sketches, handicrafts, handloom products etc. The name of the festival being Kalaghoda, it is usually held in the Kalaghoda area of South Mumbai. The other venues are The Jehangir Art Gallery, Asiatic Library, Elphinstone college, The National Gallery of Modern Art, The David Sassoon Library, Max Mueller Bhavan, Horniman circle and Azad Maidan.

I’m no regular attendee of this festival for I have been there just twice before this and I must say the first two times were so much better than this year. I went around 2pm on a lazy Saturday, but oh my I was terribly mistaken for it wasn’t lazy at all. It was jam-packed even in the afternoon. I couldn’t really enjoy anything coz of the crowd and hence skipped the musical performances which were happening later on in the evening. The zoom button on my camera was seriously over-abused! Having said that, the highlights of the trip were :

Some really cool stalls of handicrafts, collectibles, handloom weaves, and quirky laptop sleeve bags
A quick ‘2 minute’ pottery making wherein your hands are directed and you get to buy your pot!
Candy Floss; Ah! Who doesn’t enjoy the occasional “Buddhi-ka-baal”
Bubble Making Toy – I needn’t explain further right? :-D

I’m no camera genius and these pictures will prove that! :-P Some pics are from my friend’s phone too! but anyway, here are some ‘Zoomed-In’ actions happening at the Kalaghoda. Goodluck if you are planning to go today. It’s the last day and also a SUNDAY! 

My look for the festival was simple yet groovy. The climate was pleasant and so I chose :
Created by itzzynitzzy on Polyvore

Sweatshirt from Forever 21
Aztec printed Leggings - forever 21.
Black Studded Tote bag purchased online
Black sequined platform sandals
Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment
Lakme Eye-conic Mascara

Kalaghoda Reference

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