Monday, 27 April 2015

April Beauty Favourites!

Hi ya’ll! it is the end of April. It was a crazy month for me. Today I will be writing a short review on some of the beauty products I have used this month, which like the Mumbai weather, is on my hot favourite list! Some products have been extensively used and some are just brand new! So get ready for some lust worthy products that can make your heart flutter!

A quick-fix solution to amp up your look, this lipstick from MAC is an intense pop red colour. .It is highly pigmented with the ordinary MAC fragrance that doesn’t bother me at all. The product has a long-lasting power and re-touches can be given every 6-7 hours depending on your lifestyle. The drying and matte formula can bleed over time but on the bright side, it suits any skin tone which is a great bonus!
Product Price: Rs.1450

I have been using this since last Christmas and this is definitely my favourite of the lot. It is a dark turquoise colour almost leaning towards teal, with a rich matte and creamy texture. Despite it being creamy, it doesn’t fade away over time. In fact, I can only get it off with an eye make-up remover. You can ditch the boring black for your smokey eye with this lovely colour.
Product Price: Rs.600

This is one of my recent purchase and I’m definitely going to repurchase it. This eyeliner comes in a clean and effortless packaging. It is super light and a must-have for the winged-eye lovers. It has a soft fine tip for precise application. It has a glossy finish to it, which is always my preference. I loathe mattifying eyeliners and this one works amazingly well. It has a waterproof formula with a long-lasting power.
Product Price: Rs.425

I have a hyper sensitive skin that breaks out for the tiniest reason possible. I have avoided all foams and cleansers in the past and stuck to my medicated gel cleanser- Episoft. But as I passed through the ZA counter, I dared to glance through the products. I purchased the 50g pack for a trial, and this has been my holy grail for the past month! The soft cream cleanser has cleansing granules that doesn’t irritate the skin. Just a pea –sized amount leaves my skin soft, refreshed and void of any breakouts! I have already ordered ZA’s moisturiser from the same range which I tested prior purchase. A double thumbs up for ZA!
Product Price: Rs. 200 for 50g

Every now and then, I make tiny splurges on nail polishes, and these two are my favourites. I purchased them recently and have been wearing them on rotations. The blackcurrant pop is a pastel violet shade that is perfect for the summer. I apply two coats for a full coverage. The second bottle is firewood brown from Maybelline’s Bright Sparks range. It is a deep brown metal colour. Looks stunningly unique, and has a lasting power of about a week.
Product Price: Rs. 85 per bottle

What are some of your favourite beauty products for the summer? I would love to know and explore! ;-)

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

7 Things I Love On Men

Hello! It’s been a long haul since my last blog post. I wouldn’t waste any time in explaining what actually took me so long. Instead, I would get on with my regular blogging schedule which I so love and missed.

I have always wanted to do this topic, since it was so intriguing as to what exactly attracts me to a man the most- the charm, the clothes, the shoes? So, I have jotted down 7 things I love on men, which I’m sure most of us women will agree to. 

·       Whiff Of A Perfume
This is numero uno on my list simply because, it is the first thing I catch on a guy. A musky, woody lingering fragrance is just a turn on for most women. So, guilty as charged!

o   Well-Fitted Suit
My oh my! We all remember drooling over a favourite TV show’s handsome hunk with glossy shades and a classy suit. Although, not preferred to be groomed 24x7 like our man Mr. Stinson, it is definitely advantageous for several occasions.

·       Watch Out!
This is the only arm-candy on my man I can tolerate, of course, besides me. Admittedly, I am a sucker for watches and they always seem to catch my eyes, especially a chronograph. A sporty leather for casuals and the classic round-dialled chronograph for formal meets, will NEVER go out of style.

o   Leather Jacket
If a guy can carry leather jacket like his second skin, “Hats Off!” It is a one true gift to do so. A leather jacket with ripped/chain detailing look ideal, when teamed with casuals for an upbeat look. If your guy finishes this look with rocker boots and asks you out for a long drive, hang on to him!

·       Fedora
Is it just me or Bruno Mars is the first person that pops up in your mind with the mention of fedora. Just like the Hawaiian singer can pull of a checked shirt, denims and fedora, I would so love to see this more often on a regular guy. It has a easy-breezy vibe to it and can amp up the coolness-factor on a fun night!

o   Wacky Ties
This is a must-have in every guy’s closet. Wacky ties are so cool. And I love the crazy and creative ones that just make for a statement piece. It unleashes the inner madness that I believe exists in every man. And with this, I have suggested constructive gifting item for your friend, boyfriend, husband, brother, cool uncle and dad (maybe?)

·       Facial Hair
As funny as it sounds, most men do believe, Beard= Proven Manhood. I wouldn’t care to agree or disagree, but I just love it. My favourite one is a well-maintained stubble. I find it extremely appealing. Just the sight of it, is pleasant to look at.

So, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this! Let me know your thoughts/ suggestions on what you would like on your guy? I would love reading the same!
Till then, Keep jammin’ and keep mannin  J Woot woot

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

August Favourites!

Hi ya’ll! I’m back with some of my favourites this month! Though some of these recently tried and tested while some others have been my seasonal favourite. This past month has gone by quickly. A lot of things have been happening. Some good, some not so good, alas! But yes, my creative streak has been growing into a lot and that makes me happy! If you guys have been following me on instagram you would know I had made a DIY sparkling candle jar made of an empty nutella jar! It is gorge and I’m in love with it! I’ll leave a picture towards the end for you guys. And no, my inspiration wasn’t from Pinterest at all!

So coming back to August favourites, the star of this month is evidently this superr cutee Monsoon Heart Tote Bag by SPADES. Check out more cool stuff on the facebook page here

I have been totally obsessed with this tote. Monsoons may get extremely dull and boring and you ladies can vouch for this when I say how heart wrenching it is to see our favourite bag under fungal attack after surviving a storm! *pun intended* this bag has been my ultimate obsession and I guess I’m gonna love it for a long time to come!

Here are some beauty and non-beauty products that I have been using and lovin’

The first one is this beautiful Redemption Palette Iconic 3 palette by Makeup Revolution London. Price of the palette is 1200 I got this off a flat 50% sale on Jabong and this was definitely a super saver. I really like the earthy tones as well as party-appropriate colours. Though I wouldn’t consider this a dupe of the urban decay naked palette, but it does a fairly good job of creating the ‘smoky-eye’ illusion.

The second product is this hand cream from Crabtree & Evelyn – Somerset Meadow ultra- moisturising hand therapy. Oh My Gosh you guys, this hand cream transported me to what my senses would actually perceive fields and meadow would smell like! This is a perfect hand cream for the coming winter. It’s non greasy and stands tall for what it claims- moisturising! After some hours it leaves behind a mild lingering smell fragrance which I love. It is one of my recent purchases and I’m so glad I stocked up on this beforehand. I am gonna try the pomegranate one too. I got this for Rs.395 from

I have clubbed these two products together; the first one is a daily wear foundation by Rimmel London called the Match Perfection- Light Perfecting Radiance Foundation, in the shade- 303 True Nude. It has an SPF 18 and gives a good coverage. It has a mild fragrance which I don’t really mind. The only hitch is the shade availability. I wouldn’t suggest buying this online. Its priced at Rs.645 and I got it from Rimmel store, Westside.
The second product is this facial tonic mist from Forest Essentials- Panchpushp. Since this is totally herbal and allergy-safe, it is the only reason i dared to purchase this and I’m so happy with this product! I spray it on whenever the heat is killing me or I wanna feel fresh! I had heard great reviews on this one and it surely has my stamp of approval! Price- Rs.650 for 100ml

Next on my lust list are these products from Colorbar. Colorbar Nail Lacquer in the shade 098 bloody mary. This is a hot neon pink color and I love it. I discovered this on my trip to the nail spa and soon became crazy for this color. In fact, I’m wearing this as I type! The matte Lip Colours are in the shade Shy Cherry 63 and Brick-O-La 42M. Brick-O-La is considered a MAC dupe and though not extremely matte, it is quite deep and suits my skin tone. But my favourite is hands down shy cherry! It is the perfect matte lipstick. Deep red hue and totally flatters my skin! Lipsticks are for 300 and nail polish for 175

The final non-beauty product is this stunner from Forever New. This is a lovely cream wallet and as you can see it is double sided and has loads of card slots and since I own a lot of store cards, life has never been better! It has a lovely elegant look to it and this is a recent purchase and I got it off their online site. Absolute love! I got it for Rs.2000 Price is subject to change. Check out their site for the current price.

So that’s it for today! And here’s the pic of my DIY sparkling candle jar.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Giveaway Result!! L'Or de Marrakech's Argan Oil

Wow!! After a week of an exhilarating yet superr fun contest, the time has finally come to declare the winner! First and foremost I thank the Almighty for this awesome opportunity!  A huge THANK YOU to all you lovelies who took your time and participated in the giveaway and for your sweetest comments! You guys are simply awesome! And I know this is a complete clich├ęd blogger response, but I truly do wish I could give the prize to everybody!! L Honestly, that makes me a little sad. But no worries! I will host another one sometime! A hearty thanks to my internet as well as normy friends who supported me, and finally a huge shoutout to my fab sponsors  L'Or de Marrakech

Surprise Menu:

Initially, we had decided on just one winner, but due to your fabulous response, we have decided to give away additional 5 different prizes!! Yeah-ah! 

Now without further due,

Congratulations to all the winners! Send me your contact details ASAP via email, twitter or Facebook.

L’Or de Marrakech’s Website:

Thank you guys once again! This was fun!
Till next time..

Keep winning and keep grinnin’ Woot woot J 

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The winner list and prizes are final and abiding. Nitija Shastri ( ItzzyNitzzy)  is not responsible for any technical failures, nor is she responsible for lost, broken, damaged or stolen prizes. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of prize. Contest open to citizen residing in India only. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are in no way associated with this giveaway. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. ItzzyNitzzy blog reserves the right to publish winner’s first name, last initial and one picture for identification purposes. Contact information for sponsor(s), if applicable, can be found in the review text via website links. 

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Giveaway!!! L'Or de Marrakech's Argan Oil

Finally I am hosting my first giveaway!! This is super exciting! Contemplating through what should be my first giveaway, I knew that it should be something that’s really personal and immensely loved by me! What better than something that’s really on everyone’s wishlist right now? The secret is finally unveiled; it is the L’Or De Marrackech’s Argan Oil!! 

First off, let me start by saying that I’m in LURVV with this product! It has helped my hair growth and it makes my skin super soft! I sometimes use it as a heat protectant and might I say it does a fabulous job on healing my tresses too! The ONLY DRAWBACK was the availability and the deep tear in the pocket! *sigh* but now thanks to the splendid opportunity to collaborate with the company, I’m giving away a full sized 100ml bottle of L’or De Marrackech’s Argan Oil.

By now, I’m assuming we all know the splendid uses of this oil! But I have written a detailed review of Argan oil in a post in my previous post here

Product info: L’or De Marrackech Argan Oil, 100ml full sized bottle
Price : Rs 2400
Company’s website:

So go on... Play, invite your friends too and invest on some “LIQUID GOLD”  Woot woot J

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The winner will be chosen randomly through Rafflecopter .Nitija Shastri ( ItzzyNitzzy)  is not responsible for any technical failures, nor is she responsible for lost, broken, damaged or stolen prizes. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of prize. Contest open to citizen residing in India only. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are in no way associated with this giveaway. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. ItzzyNitzzy blog reserves the right to publish winner’s first name and last initial. Contact information for sponsor(s), if applicable, can be found in the review text via website links.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

3 Playful Rompers to Keep You Stylish

Being stylish and fashionable on a regular basis can be tedious sometimes. When you run out of styling ideas, you have to take a lot of time digging through your closet just to find something that you haven't worn yet. It's no problem when it's chilly outside because you can just pull out a few pieces from your closet and layer them up to create a new ensemble. However, when the weather is going bonkers, layering is not just an option!
 So how do you stay fashionable always? The solution is simple. Rompers!
 That's right, if you want to look stylish without looking as if you're trying too hard, just rock a cool set of rompers and you are good to go. Here are three kinds of playful rompers to satisfy the fashion conscious in you.

Strapless Romper

Spending the weekend at a beach or at a pool resort? Then a strapless romper, like this super cute bow bound suit, is just what you need. What makes a strapless one ideal is that you don't have to worry about tan lines after a hot day. Just wear a pair of platform shoes or wedges and you're date-ready!

Tropical Romper

If you want to add a burst of color to your ensemble on a typically rainy day, a tropical printed romper is what you need. It's fun, colorful and very casual, perfect for a stroll in the park or shopping at the mall. More than that, it's not only perfect for the rainy but can be a fun summer outfit too. Just add essential accessories to make your outfit season appropriate!

Sleeveless Romper with Pleated Shorts

Want to create a business casual outfit? Then opt for this romper that has plaited shorts. It's sleeveless with a modest neckline, so you can still be dressed appropriately to an event. Pair it with a stylish jacket or coat, and pointed pumps and you're ready for a business event. And if you have a social event to go to afterward, just take off your jacket and you're ready to party!

As you can see, rompers are made for casual comfort.  But the different styles mentioned above can make rompers suitable for different occasion, be it for a beach party or a business meeting.

Love the post? Have different ideas for creating a look using these rompers? Let me know in the comments below! Also, checkout for their fab clothing collection!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Teaser! My First Giveaway!!!!

Hey guys! I’m super pumped to announce my very first giveaway is gonna come up soon! Since, this is my very first one I’d really love to have you guys on full support and participate! What’s the product you ask? That secret is gonna be exposed soon! 

Hint: It’s a multipurpose benefit product!
Now who doesn’t love the sound of that?

Follow me on the various social media sites to your right F to keep updated on the same.  There’s gonna be a lot of tweeting going on the next few days so do keep in the loop! Can’t wait for your lovely responses! Woot Woot J