Wednesday, 26 March 2014

My Hair Affair- Review on Argan Oil

Hey guys, so the reasons why I haven’t blogged in the past days- caught up with exams, food, birthday season and more exams. But I have been completely keeping a tab of what’s going on! So if you guys wanna catch up on the in-between breaks, you can follow me on the social media handles to the right F
I do post some really good stuff and I’m totally tuned into twitter almost all the time! 

I also want to give a shout out to Lenskart for being so awesome and sending a really cool pair of mirrored shades from their site which I honestly didn’t expect to be that “cool-looking. Here’s a snippet and if you guys wanna check out for awesome sauce sunglasses for almost any brand, checkout their website-Lenskart

So, I thought I’ll do a beauty post review today, mostly about a thing that I have been using religiously. I always get comments about my hair- how long it is, how quickly it grows and all that stuff. 2 months back I had a bad haircut at a renowned salon that I don’t wish to name. The hairstylist just couldn’t understand the difference between trimming the split ends and chopping off 10 inches! *sob sob* And just with one snip, my waist long mane had dropped down to little below shoulder length. I remember being utterly depressed and some of you girls would know exactly what I’m talking about! I wanted my hair back and fast and I tried a lot of hair products but in vain. I had heard about Moroccan oil/Argan Oil and its benefits but I checked out some products but I wasn’t sure of their authenticity and may I add they were heavily priced! But anything for my lovely hair! So I decided to go with one product anyway. Here’s some info about Argan Oil before I speak about the product further:

S Argan Oil: also known as “Liquid Gold” speaks for itself being one of the rare oils of the world.
S It’s is extracted from the kernels of the argan tree rooted in Morocco.
S It is used for cosmetic, medical and culinary uses.
S There is an increasingly popularity of this miracle oil in the past few years mostly for cosmetic and medicinal uses for acne, psoriasis, anti-aging properties and also used in hair styling products- shampoos, conditioner, serums etc
S It is said that it was mostly used by the Berber women who have known to have gorgeous glowing skin and have also been highly commercialised by their efforts.

Product name:  Argan oil L'Or De Marrakech

Quantity:     100 ml


Directions on the bottle: It can be used as hair oil or leave in conditioner. For face use as moisturiser.

How I have used it: Just a few drops on my palm and massage it into the scalp. I sometimes use it on my face when my face is dry for moisturising effect but not a regularly. I also use two drops for my nail cuticles.

My Experience- I have used this product for a month and I am so in love with it! I did happen to have a conversation with Miss. Supriya from the company who was sweet enough to give me an insight to the product and the company. I have used it on my hair, face and nails and I can tell you with absolute certainty that it works! My hair growth has doubled in the last 2 months. Even people around me can notice the difference! As for my face I have only used it a couple of times and I didn’t break out! Which is a wonder considering the fact I have an extremely sensitive skin. My nails look amazing. They used to chip quite easily but I can definitely sense that it has become much stronger. I don’t usually go out of the way to convince people to buy a product but I would definitely recommend this oil. You can easily purchase it through Shopclues  here

Beauty Jury Whispers: Always buy argan oil which is packed a dark glass. That actually marks its true authenticity because light breaks down natural properties of the oil and you can’t really afford that happening to the “Liquid Gold” now, can we? Also, pure argan oil absorbs faster in your skin. It is never greasy.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post! Do comment and lemme know about your bad hair cuts, argan oil experience and just about anything else. I love reading your lovely responses! Woot woot J

Saturday, 15 March 2014

7 App Downloads for Women

With our current lifestyle today going at top speed, it’s really difficult to keep track of it all. Agreeably, technology has taken over our lives and what’s best than to roll with it and keep up! I try my best to keep updated all the latest stuff happening and my golly! Its dang tough to be in the loop 24x7 without feeling like a left out chicken while the entire twitterverse is ranting or praying for some afflicted place! But it’s worth trying! Keeping that in mind, here are some treat for the geeks!

We women have different moods at all times. And it’s sometimes difficult to keep decide what we really want to do! Here are some apps for women that we would want (read need) to have with us at all times, you know just to make life simpler for us.

Pinterest- It’s that one app that defines -all things beautiful. One stop for a variety of categories ranging from food, DIY’s, fashion, weddings to quotes! Though now it is highly popularised. Many aren’t aware of this magic app! Personal story: I have wasted countless hours on just pinning and liking! So if you haven’t added me yet, click on the ‘add to pinterest’ button to the right of this page and welcome to a beautiful universe! J Woot Woot  I definitely give this one my “Stamp of Approval.”

 Vine-  Another app that has been popularised by Instagram. Create and browse all short videos for Instagram. While you’re at there, don’t forget to check out the comedy category! There are loads of funny clips that will make you ROFL!

Sygic- I hadn’t realised the power of this app until late last year. Sygic : GPS Navigation & Maps is one of the best navigational app that can be available. What’s the best feature you ask? No internet connection needed along with other cool features mentioned in the highlight section of the app! Now, I got this free in Play Store, Im not sure that goes the same for App store. Even if it’s paid, it’s totally worth it. You can quit worrying about missing the turns, losing your way with this app!

Pulse – Want the latest buzz on the Fashion, Music, Technology etc..? this app is what you’d want. It has all the latest feed, pictures, videos on current happenings! With different categories, it’s only easier to browse your personal interest! I use it all the time for news on Music and Fashion.

PicsArt- And then there are some of us who just love editing pictures up to our best creative capability! A lot of you must already know about this app. The super-cute stickers, backgrounds, quirky filters, texts only gets us even more hooked onto this super fun app! who can stop us foodies from getting what we want! This app is for all those with a sudden mood to cook something but don’t know what! Tonnes of delicious recipes to drool from! And the imagery just erases the nerves and direct you correctly! This recipe filled app will not only fill your palette but also your family! 

Mobily Trip- And lastly, for all the travel junkies, this is the perfect app for you! I totally admire women who love to travel and keep a journal so as to keep the memories fresh every time you open it! What’s better that an online journal that has endless space for your travel memo? I have recently downloaded this app and I’m looking forward to use it on my next trip! 

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


I remember being in love with my Forever New jeans during my initial college years! This was followed by the introduction of Zara and Forever 21. I totally love Forever 21. I’m so glad they are soon starting their online site for India! And yes, I am absolutely aware of the designer knock off scenes. Yes, plagiarism doesn’t extend only in journalism! But, then again, all of the fashion retailers have to implicate designs from the high-end fashion brands! That’s the only way the markets going to survive. The love for fashion and wearing trending pieces doesn’t limit only to people who can afford maxing their cards! And I absolutely loved the reading the comment section on the very latest controversy on  Man Repeller about  Zara!  I may or may have not given a piece of my mind! ;-) For those who are not aware of the never-ending debate you can google for interesting articles like

So, coming back to simpler topics, here’s my OOTD

I’ve put together a simple piece, and as you’ll see for a casual wear on a summer day. A cool crop top paired with denims and a cute sling to finish off the look. Just to add a teenie bit of dazzle to the outfit I have accessorized with cool gold midi and chain rings. (My personal favs Woot woot J )

Crop Top & Rings- Forever 21, Denims- Levis, Flip-flops- Linking Rd, Bandra, Belt- Westside, Bag-

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Graphic Fixation

Graphic prints may be in or out, but it will always have a place in my closet. I mean literally! You know how you have the hots for that one dress and you buy it and even after 2 years the tag is still on? Guilty! I have at least dozens of them waiting in my closet. Don’t judge me! I simply don’t find an occasion fit to wear them!  And if my mom is reading this, I already know I’m in trouble! I have very recently been digging my closet and I came across this really pretty graphic printed dress and It had me thinking, It’s always a challenge to accessorize graphic printed dress right? Well, I took up to this challenge and decided to create add my own swirls.
Hope you like it! Do let me know what you think J

Dress from AND, Neckpiece, Bracelet & Rings- Hill Road, Nail Extensions Kit- Tribal Zone, Shoes- CityWalk

Fashion Jury Whispers: Graphic prints as fun and unconventional they are, you have to be really careful with them coz them prints whether in skirts, tops, jackets or dresses tend to pull in more weight. So, if you go overboard with the accessories you may end up looking like a mess. To avoid that, go easy on the accessories, the only bright color should be on your lips and that’s only if you want to dare the rules! You can experiment with the shoes but I simply chose a cool silver metallic pair so as to direct the attention to the dress itself.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

What's In My Bag?

How is it that I haven’t posted this at all? Those who know me well know that I don’t like to sit at home all the time. I obviously might have a lazy day after days of travelling and then think I have to chill my pants a lil bit! But otherwise I’m all about travelling, anywhere and everywhere, even if that’s wandering in the mall at odd hours!
So here are some things I usually carry with me in my precious bag, which my friends joke, is obviously filled with beauty products! And my response to that is, “Hey, these are stuff you’ll thank me for.” And soon enough, I stand corrected! Woot woot J

Now, let’s unveil this mystery of the universe in my bag, shall we?

I really like to travel light guys, and honestly I’d like to eliminate some products too. ( I have actually not included a lot of stuff in the picture to maintain the image of sanity among you :P) but even then it’s soo difficult to travel without them. You’ll notice I don’t have a sun block. The reason being, I have extremely sensitive skin, and I can risk applying a medicated sun block at the max to prevent breaking out. But I go all out on hand creams and lotions especially the fruity scented ones!

Here are some travel essentials I absolutely swear by- Burt’s Bees replenishing lip balm, Maybelline Colossal Kajal, Sally Hansen Diamond lip treatment (one of the amazing lip products ever!) dry tissue packet, paper soap, hand sanitiser, travel-sized body Almond body butter from Nyassa, Peach & Almond moisturising hand and nail cream from Marks & Spencer and a wallet for all the cash and cards!

And lastly, here I have a body mist from Italy Voce, I received that as a gift, then I have my usual pair of shades, a small note book and pen- this I usually use to take down notes from sermons and Oh! Never forget to keep some bands as a spare in your bag! You absolutely never know when they might come in handy. That’s definitely one of the lessons I have learnt.

That’s all for today! I haven’t been blogging much owing to my poorly constructed immune system. I’m falling ill far too often now. But I’m definitely gonna try as much as I can C
Hoping ya’ll are in the pink of your health! 

Saturday, 1 March 2014

9 to 9 Look Book

Cupcake anyone? Helloo! These are a fresh batch made by sis (helped by me ;-) hehe.)The past week was very sloppy for me. But since yesterday, I’m feeling overtly creative. The weather conditions joined hands too and today I shot some pictures for the look book. 
Well to be honest, I don’t diligently follow the trending herd. I’m actually quite the rebel and wear what I like, when I please. But hey, if something pleases my eye, I won’t hesitate to experiment. I’m often labelled as “Moody” by my peers. And it’s quite true up to an extent. I’m totally a mood-driven person. In fact, it reflects my choice of clothing at that time. That’s why my closet is a potpourri of branded and thrifted items! But surprisingly today I managed to keep up in good spirit while being shot the entire time! (A sincere thanks to my sister for being a part of this!) Man, how I would like to give those models a standing ovation for the job that they do! J Camera and I have forever remained frenemies. We always share a love-hate relationship and today was like my ‘Valentine Date’ with him! J Woot woot  Haha and Cheers! To many more! Anyway, today I shot some pics for the look I’d settle for in a 9-5 time frame! It’s a mix of street-meets-store. Hope you like it! Do comment and lemme know what you think?


I put together this outfit with the intention of knowing how brief yet stylish it is. Entire emphasis is on the graphic printed trousers adding a quirk quotient to those dull working hours!

Printed Trousers- Lifestyle, Tank top- Forever 21, Blazer and bracelets- FnU, Watch-Fossil, Ring- Colaba Causeway, Sunglasses- Blur, Shoes- Hill Road

Fancy pantsy

Summer gets easy with the Pyjama pants around. I love how comfy and groovy it is. To bench out the laziness, I added a pair of gladiator heels. I completed this look with red lips and cool red shades, perfect for chillin’ with the gal pals!

Cropped jacket- Westside, Tank top F21, Pyjama pants and Rings- Hill Road, Bracelet- gifted, Shoes- Metro

Skirting in the dark

My final outfit takes a complete discourse. I felt like I should somehow go back to my roots, and hence this vintage maxi skirt from my mom’s closet, paired with beaded necklace. I also used one of my customary studded tote and finished the outfit with statement rings and metal bangles.

 Skirt and top– Vintage, Green Neckpiece- Gifted, Golden Neckpiece- Hill Road, Bangles – stolen from mom’s closet :P,  Bag- Jabong, Rings- Agra’s shopping market, Shoes- Westside