Saturday, 15 March 2014

7 App Downloads for Women

With our current lifestyle today going at top speed, it’s really difficult to keep track of it all. Agreeably, technology has taken over our lives and what’s best than to roll with it and keep up! I try my best to keep updated all the latest stuff happening and my golly! Its dang tough to be in the loop 24x7 without feeling like a left out chicken while the entire twitterverse is ranting or praying for some afflicted place! But it’s worth trying! Keeping that in mind, here are some treat for the geeks!

We women have different moods at all times. And it’s sometimes difficult to keep decide what we really want to do! Here are some apps for women that we would want (read need) to have with us at all times, you know just to make life simpler for us.

Pinterest- It’s that one app that defines -all things beautiful. One stop for a variety of categories ranging from food, DIY’s, fashion, weddings to quotes! Though now it is highly popularised. Many aren’t aware of this magic app! Personal story: I have wasted countless hours on just pinning and liking! So if you haven’t added me yet, click on the ‘add to pinterest’ button to the right of this page and welcome to a beautiful universe! J Woot Woot  I definitely give this one my “Stamp of Approval.”

 Vine-  Another app that has been popularised by Instagram. Create and browse all short videos for Instagram. While you’re at there, don’t forget to check out the comedy category! There are loads of funny clips that will make you ROFL!

Sygic- I hadn’t realised the power of this app until late last year. Sygic : GPS Navigation & Maps is one of the best navigational app that can be available. What’s the best feature you ask? No internet connection needed along with other cool features mentioned in the highlight section of the app! Now, I got this free in Play Store, Im not sure that goes the same for App store. Even if it’s paid, it’s totally worth it. You can quit worrying about missing the turns, losing your way with this app!

Pulse – Want the latest buzz on the Fashion, Music, Technology etc..? this app is what you’d want. It has all the latest feed, pictures, videos on current happenings! With different categories, it’s only easier to browse your personal interest! I use it all the time for news on Music and Fashion.

PicsArt- And then there are some of us who just love editing pictures up to our best creative capability! A lot of you must already know about this app. The super-cute stickers, backgrounds, quirky filters, texts only gets us even more hooked onto this super fun app! who can stop us foodies from getting what we want! This app is for all those with a sudden mood to cook something but don’t know what! Tonnes of delicious recipes to drool from! And the imagery just erases the nerves and direct you correctly! This recipe filled app will not only fill your palette but also your family! 

Mobily Trip- And lastly, for all the travel junkies, this is the perfect app for you! I totally admire women who love to travel and keep a journal so as to keep the memories fresh every time you open it! What’s better that an online journal that has endless space for your travel memo? I have recently downloaded this app and I’m looking forward to use it on my next trip! 

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