Thursday, 20 February 2014


Since the time it gained it’s foothold in the fashion scene in India, I’ve never been able to get over the sling- bag phenomena. Right from my high school/college days I absolutely love carrying this ‘No-nonsense’ back pack! Again, I remember the first one, a black studded sling my mom generously agreed to purchase. And since then, I have boarded and un-loaded several slings from my closet. Aztec prints came into vogue sometime back and it did smite me. I’ve always related it being a part of the wild evergreens. I’ll do another detailed post about my Aztecs favs later. Right now the one I’m crushing on is this really cute Aztec sling I purchased from Limeroad

Here are a couple of shots of this lovely accessory:

Limeroad also has a variety of Aztec slings to choose from. And so many options directed me into a state of confusion! And I think I picked the right one, coz as I started to look for the same it’s out of stock! Holla! Woot woot J I swear my genetical inheritance of the “Shoppers-Luck” has got nothing to do with it!

Anyway, here are some other really cool Aztec sling choices on click on this link: Limeroad Aztec Slings

Monday, 17 February 2014

Some Shade Lovin'

The past couple of days have been fun! And by fun yes, that did involve some spa therapy and retail therapy ;) A day back, I was just wandering around the mall not doing anything when this really cool accessory store’s display caught my attention! Needless to say, the next thing I know I’m at the billing counter totally satiated with the unnecessary cupidity for sale. There was a flat 50% off and I just couldn’t resist. The one thing left me spell bounded was their uber cool collection of sunglasses! Now, I know, they are no big brands, and I could have easily purchased one online from Lenskart, but I still couldn’t resist. Here’s a pic of my fav pair: 

I love sunglasses, Oversized, Lennon’s, Aviators, Wayfarer’s, I have em all and it doesn’t matter what brand! my motto is- I like it, I buy it. Period.  Though I’d kill to own a collection like Sir Elton John, who is rumoured to own over 1000 pairs of bifocals! Woot wootJ  like him, I’d too wear it all day long, but now I get to wear them at least for 2 hours, considering the fact that Mumbai is now experiencing all the four seasons of the year in just one day! I just love how a pair of shades oozes out confidence, style and comfort all in a sentence!

Though primarily, I stick to the ones that suit my face-type but I do love diversity. I love how these celebs have experimented with their glasses and have everything going right for them at the moment:

Sienna Miller in a round eccentric gold-rimmed glass that’s a total contrast to her oval face-shape! Fab choice 

Nicole Richie in a square vintage over-sized pair from Yves St. Laurent. A great way to break the focus from the rounded jaw line. Love it!

Miranda Kerr’s Stella McCartney’s eco-friendly cat eyed sunglasses totally compliment her beautiful square face shape. This Victoria Secret model has been often spotted wearing this pair on several occasions.

Yes, it’s absolutely essential, you know your face cut and buy the perfect fit to avoid disastrous results! Want to know more? Check out this chart. Here’s the basic info you need before you pick out some pairs

Now that you know your face shape, you can easily surf for some cool shades at the comfort of your home from Lenskart  

Thursday, 13 February 2014

V-Day Final Look Book

I know a lot of you are already busy with your plans for tomorrow! And I have been busy winning some twitter contests! Not to brag, but I’ve won a few... ;-) (Junkie Alert!) That reminds me; do follow me on twitter too! There’s a link to the right side of the page! And there are other social networking sites I’ve added too just incase! J I’m guessing all are stressed, depressed but yet, well dressed for tomorrow! But girls, lets accept the fact that however ‘ready’ we assure people that we are, there’s always something wrong with our outfit at the eleventh hour! I totally understand that, been there done that too! So without wasting any more time, here are some looks I have created for you, just in case you want to toss or keep something! Each girl has very unique and different fashion sense. So, I’ve juggled up my creative routine and come up with this. There’s something for all! Who says you can’t twirl it up a lil on V-day, choose from different outfits and accessories. From watches to perfumes to shoes, nail art, I’ve tried to mix and match it all.

Here’s a look for your lunch date. Like I said before, red doesn’t necessarily have to dominate during the day! Let’s keep that sultry color to bring out its essence at night ;-)

created by itzzynitzzy in Polyvore

created by itzzynitzzy in Polyvore

Here are some really dreamy looks for the lovely date night you’ve planned! He will definitely give you thumbs up if you have already played your looks along these lines! 

created by itzzynitzzy in Polyvore

created by itzzynitzzy in Polyvore

Hope you guys have a lovely day tomorrow! But BEWARE!! There’s gonna be a mixed bag of happy couples and sad singles (read crazy drunks) who may vent out if you know what I mean!! If I haven’t scared you enough there’s also gonna be a lot of moral policing! Sooo, it’s not too late to chuck your plans...

I’ll leave you with that note! Hahah JK, Enjoy guys! Keep lovin and keep cuddlin’ J Woow woot

Monday, 10 February 2014


OH NO! The time is arriving when all the single souls in the planet are terribly traumatized, in the lowest of self esteem or go into deep life and self contemplation. The three most common things happening former V-Day are, singles on house arrest, couples waiting in desperation for the day and a third category of ‘I-Don’t-Care’ group. Well, as cool as the third batch sounds, I know it for a fact that they are the saddest of the lot who want to be on a house arrest with the partner they are waiting in desperation for on V-day! I know many people who go all anti over the opposite sex saying WHO NEEDS EM? Answer: YOU NEEDS EM! Guys, Love is inevitable. IT IS BOUND TO HAPPEN SOME DAY. It would be best if you just stop fighting it and accept it. A famous person once said, “Love is all we need” No matter how baked he must have been, it still stands true. But does that mean being single sucks? Gosh No! How else is ‘THE ONE’ gonna sweep you off your feet? (If that was way too cheesy I totally understand. I felt that too.) Anyway, bottom line is, don’t fight the day, just play it right!  Keep an optimistic and a healthy attitude! I, for one know that being single may sometimes suck and sometimes it may just be a boon.  I’m bankrupt right now, so that totally helps when I don’t have to buy gifts!

So to the entire singleton brigade out there, don’t fret, here are some awesome sauce ideas to keep you going so V-day can pass off as any other day ;-)

© Celebrate it with your close buddies, single or otherwise! It will be a hell lot of fun to tease the couples and what’s best to create good memories with your pals.

© Organize a pyjama party with the gals. Organize cool games, hot chocolate, yummylicious food and sooper-cool movies.

© Try out the one-day spa package. Spend the entire day pampering your body and by the time that    ends, V-Day is over too... Hehe

© Want to feel better? Shop all day long! (I am saving up for thisJ) Go and buy that expensive pair of shoes that you couldn’t afford. Or just buy any generalised item! P.S DO NOT go window shopping! You’ll end up getting frustrated. You want something, you go buy it!

© Don’t feel like venturing out? Shop online instead. There are a lot of deals for V-day going on anyway. Make your E-wallet a bit lighter and trust me it will take longer than you think! Sometimes, almost an entire day!

© Start a new hobby! What’s better than the first day of you hobby! You are excited and can absorb the maximum! Sign up for a cookery, baking, instrument, sketching class etc. Channel all your energy into doing something constructive! All of these will help you later on.. If you know what I mean ;)

© Blame this day and try to bring out the adventurous spirit in you, go camping with the single buds, river rafting, trekking or something you wouldn’t even imagine! You have nothing to lose except for some cool stories to share later on in your lives!

© If you have just been through a bad phase, just stay home and relax. Pile on some DVD’s and watch sappy romantic movies. It’s okay to let out your emotions for a day! Whine for some time and then towards the end of the day, just switch on to watching some really cool action movie or flicks (preferably Will Smith’s) that inspire you. And make you go – “Woaah” This will help you to keep positive.

© Last but not the least, if you are one of the lazytards, Sleep through the day! Or stuff yourself with yummy gourmet items, baked cookies, chocolate bars, ice-cream, pizzas, basically, delicious junk food and lots and lots of it. Nothing beats this natural stress buster. Your motto of the day should be Eat-Sleep and Repeat!

Wow, the last sounds soo tempting that I may just skip shopping! Hehe. That’s all today. Keep snackin’ and keep crackin’ J Woot woot

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Kalaghoda Arts Festival 2014

I visited the Kalaghoda Arts Festival yesterday with my friend. What’s this festival you ask? It is an annual festival held around Jan or Feb for about a week promoting Arts and its sub cultures like theatre, dance, music, literature, visual arts etc. Also in addition there are lectures, seminars, workshops and the main attraction- street exhibitions with a variety of stalls of skilled artisans, food stalls, artists selling their sketches, handicrafts, handloom products etc. The name of the festival being Kalaghoda, it is usually held in the Kalaghoda area of South Mumbai. The other venues are The Jehangir Art Gallery, Asiatic Library, Elphinstone college, The National Gallery of Modern Art, The David Sassoon Library, Max Mueller Bhavan, Horniman circle and Azad Maidan.

I’m no regular attendee of this festival for I have been there just twice before this and I must say the first two times were so much better than this year. I went around 2pm on a lazy Saturday, but oh my I was terribly mistaken for it wasn’t lazy at all. It was jam-packed even in the afternoon. I couldn’t really enjoy anything coz of the crowd and hence skipped the musical performances which were happening later on in the evening. The zoom button on my camera was seriously over-abused! Having said that, the highlights of the trip were :

Some really cool stalls of handicrafts, collectibles, handloom weaves, and quirky laptop sleeve bags
A quick ‘2 minute’ pottery making wherein your hands are directed and you get to buy your pot!
Candy Floss; Ah! Who doesn’t enjoy the occasional “Buddhi-ka-baal”
Bubble Making Toy – I needn’t explain further right? :-D

I’m no camera genius and these pictures will prove that! :-P Some pics are from my friend’s phone too! but anyway, here are some ‘Zoomed-In’ actions happening at the Kalaghoda. Goodluck if you are planning to go today. It’s the last day and also a SUNDAY! 

My look for the festival was simple yet groovy. The climate was pleasant and so I chose :
Created by itzzynitzzy on Polyvore

Sweatshirt from Forever 21
Aztec printed Leggings - forever 21.
Black Studded Tote bag purchased online
Black sequined platform sandals
Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment
Lakme Eye-conic Mascara

Kalaghoda Reference

Thursday, 6 February 2014


It was a long day today. (Vigorous twitter contests were part of it too! Woot Woot J) But I just didn’t want to miss out on blogging. Today I actually made the effort to groom myself from top to bottom after almost a week and it felt great! So, I thought it would be best to put up an OOTD post i.e ‘Outfit of the Day’-For peeps who are not familiar with the lingo.I am way too shy (read lazy) to post selfies of my ensem today, but I have made one online which is thankfully similar. Now about the look, I have incorporated some pieces I had collected during my last shopping haul yeah, the crazy one-day madness! Do check it out-

Created in Polyvore by itzzynitzzy
OOTD by itzzynitzzy featuring a cropped blazer

1.     Vero Moda White Studded Blouse- EXACT as shown in picture
2.     Vero Moda high-waist leggings – EXACT
3.     Teal cropped jacket- online shopping from –
4.     Fossil Watch- EXACT
5.     Ivory beaded bracelet-EXACT
6.     Fresh water pearl bracelet- FnU
7.     Black Point-Toe Pumps- I honestly don’t remember! Local store I guess. :-P
8.     Maybelline Colossal Kajal- EXACT
9.     Maybelline Color Show- EXACT 

That’s all for today! Do follow me on TWITTER too-

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Fashionably Harmonized

I love music and I love fashion, needless to say, I’m always on the prowl for a musician/singer who is fashionably tuned as well! This is going to be one of my weekly segments and the one I would like to start off writing would be Florence Welch from Florence + the Machine. I’m gonna be really honest, I was really not into her band in the beginning although some of her songs were really catchy. You know the ones that get stuck in your head all day long? Yeah, ‘Dog days Are Over’ did that for me. But I totally loved her recent soundtrack for Great Gatsby. Her voice sounds charmingly sketchy and oh my! Talk about a powerful range. If you haven’t checked it out here it is:

Coming to fashion, I felt initially her choices were completely overboard almost on the verge of competing with Lady Gaga! And I’m glad that boat sailed before time. Though freakishly weird and sometimes a tad bit sane, there is an upscale in her style over the past years. Much like her voice, she has a strong personality and makes sure her habiliments outline the same. From floor length gowns to high-waisted shorts, her style is unique and preposterous. Going through her style diary, I would say there’s a touch of conservativeness to her style which I absolutely love! That kind of balances the otherwise insanity. From Gucci, Alexanander McQueen to Valentino, she has literally picked out intrepid silhouettes from the ramp, some really good ones too!
 Here are some quick favourites that you may love too!

Floor length dresses:
The floor length dresses range from gold to white, pastels, deep emerald, teal, blacks, metallic, etc. There’s a subdued and sophisticated glam vibe to her clothing and just when you think of that, there’s an outburst of vibrant blue! Conclusion being, she’s totally in touch with the seasonal hues. At least that’s what I’m guessing!

Casual Style:
Chic may necessarily not be in her style book, but that doesn’t stop her from experimenting with sheer top and printed straight-cut pants, cute retro shorts, adorable hats etc. I am definitely diggin her style.


Photo courtesy,,,,,