Thursday, 13 February 2014

V-Day Final Look Book

I know a lot of you are already busy with your plans for tomorrow! And I have been busy winning some twitter contests! Not to brag, but I’ve won a few... ;-) (Junkie Alert!) That reminds me; do follow me on twitter too! There’s a link to the right side of the page! And there are other social networking sites I’ve added too just incase! J I’m guessing all are stressed, depressed but yet, well dressed for tomorrow! But girls, lets accept the fact that however ‘ready’ we assure people that we are, there’s always something wrong with our outfit at the eleventh hour! I totally understand that, been there done that too! So without wasting any more time, here are some looks I have created for you, just in case you want to toss or keep something! Each girl has very unique and different fashion sense. So, I’ve juggled up my creative routine and come up with this. There’s something for all! Who says you can’t twirl it up a lil on V-day, choose from different outfits and accessories. From watches to perfumes to shoes, nail art, I’ve tried to mix and match it all.

Here’s a look for your lunch date. Like I said before, red doesn’t necessarily have to dominate during the day! Let’s keep that sultry color to bring out its essence at night ;-)

created by itzzynitzzy in Polyvore

created by itzzynitzzy in Polyvore

Here are some really dreamy looks for the lovely date night you’ve planned! He will definitely give you thumbs up if you have already played your looks along these lines! 

created by itzzynitzzy in Polyvore

created by itzzynitzzy in Polyvore

Hope you guys have a lovely day tomorrow! But BEWARE!! There’s gonna be a mixed bag of happy couples and sad singles (read crazy drunks) who may vent out if you know what I mean!! If I haven’t scared you enough there’s also gonna be a lot of moral policing! Sooo, it’s not too late to chuck your plans...

I’ll leave you with that note! Hahah JK, Enjoy guys! Keep lovin and keep cuddlin’ J Woow woot

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