Monday, 3 February 2014

Valentine's Day Look Book

I’m sure, in addition to the spa session, mani’s and pedi’s, you have started looking out for that perfect dress for V-Day with the malls being the biggest attraction. A lot of stores have already started putting on V-Day Specials on their display while you walk past them slowly scanning the collection. My inbox has been swelling up with ‘Valentine Day Collection discount coupons exclusively for our valued customer’ mails. Which I generously forward to my friends who can actually use em!
The climate is going bonkers, especially in Mumbai; it’s like a thousand degrees in the day and sometimes cool in the night or just plain HUMID. It’s hard to choose a perfect outfit to wear on a normal day, let alone a special occasion. Keeping that in mind, whether in Mumbai or not, I have picked out some outfit and accessories that just might be painless for you to fish out from the stores later!

Valentine’s Day- Lunch Date

While the global warming takes a toll on us, I suggest you take it easy if you have decided to make it a lunch date. Pink seems like an ideal color for the date. Leave the sun dresses for the summer, it’s still viable to hog on to some pastel pants. The look is sober as well as keeps up the spirit of the day!

Valentine’s Day – Date Night

Play a game of hide-and-seek in a cute yet flirty dress. The dress below is a laced-sheer dress that sticks to the promise of a romantic date night. Fancy yourself to some killer heels. A good pair of heels actually uplifts a woman’s self esteem! Guys actually like hangin out with confident woman and what better occasion than this? Also, don’t forget to finish up the look by adding a whisk of your favourite perfume! There’s nothing better than feeling good too! Woot Woot

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