Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Fashionably Harmonized

I love music and I love fashion, needless to say, I’m always on the prowl for a musician/singer who is fashionably tuned as well! This is going to be one of my weekly segments and the one I would like to start off writing would be Florence Welch from Florence + the Machine. I’m gonna be really honest, I was really not into her band in the beginning although some of her songs were really catchy. You know the ones that get stuck in your head all day long? Yeah, ‘Dog days Are Over’ did that for me. But I totally loved her recent soundtrack for Great Gatsby. Her voice sounds charmingly sketchy and oh my! Talk about a powerful range. If you haven’t checked it out here it is:

Coming to fashion, I felt initially her choices were completely overboard almost on the verge of competing with Lady Gaga! And I’m glad that boat sailed before time. Though freakishly weird and sometimes a tad bit sane, there is an upscale in her style over the past years. Much like her voice, she has a strong personality and makes sure her habiliments outline the same. From floor length gowns to high-waisted shorts, her style is unique and preposterous. Going through her style diary, I would say there’s a touch of conservativeness to her style which I absolutely love! That kind of balances the otherwise insanity. From Gucci, Alexanander McQueen to Valentino, she has literally picked out intrepid silhouettes from the ramp, some really good ones too!
 Here are some quick favourites that you may love too!

Floor length dresses:
The floor length dresses range from gold to white, pastels, deep emerald, teal, blacks, metallic, etc. There’s a subdued and sophisticated glam vibe to her clothing and just when you think of that, there’s an outburst of vibrant blue! Conclusion being, she’s totally in touch with the seasonal hues. At least that’s what I’m guessing!

Casual Style:
Chic may necessarily not be in her style book, but that doesn’t stop her from experimenting with sheer top and printed straight-cut pants, cute retro shorts, adorable hats etc. I am definitely diggin her style.


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