Wednesday, 22 April 2015

7 Things I Love On Men

Hello! It’s been a long haul since my last blog post. I wouldn’t waste any time in explaining what actually took me so long. Instead, I would get on with my regular blogging schedule which I so love and missed.

I have always wanted to do this topic, since it was so intriguing as to what exactly attracts me to a man the most- the charm, the clothes, the shoes? So, I have jotted down 7 things I love on men, which I’m sure most of us women will agree to. 

·       Whiff Of A Perfume
This is numero uno on my list simply because, it is the first thing I catch on a guy. A musky, woody lingering fragrance is just a turn on for most women. So, guilty as charged!

o   Well-Fitted Suit
My oh my! We all remember drooling over a favourite TV show’s handsome hunk with glossy shades and a classy suit. Although, not preferred to be groomed 24x7 like our man Mr. Stinson, it is definitely advantageous for several occasions.

·       Watch Out!
This is the only arm-candy on my man I can tolerate, of course, besides me. Admittedly, I am a sucker for watches and they always seem to catch my eyes, especially a chronograph. A sporty leather for casuals and the classic round-dialled chronograph for formal meets, will NEVER go out of style.

o   Leather Jacket
If a guy can carry leather jacket like his second skin, “Hats Off!” It is a one true gift to do so. A leather jacket with ripped/chain detailing look ideal, when teamed with casuals for an upbeat look. If your guy finishes this look with rocker boots and asks you out for a long drive, hang on to him!

·       Fedora
Is it just me or Bruno Mars is the first person that pops up in your mind with the mention of fedora. Just like the Hawaiian singer can pull of a checked shirt, denims and fedora, I would so love to see this more often on a regular guy. It has a easy-breezy vibe to it and can amp up the coolness-factor on a fun night!

o   Wacky Ties
This is a must-have in every guy’s closet. Wacky ties are so cool. And I love the crazy and creative ones that just make for a statement piece. It unleashes the inner madness that I believe exists in every man. And with this, I have suggested constructive gifting item for your friend, boyfriend, husband, brother, cool uncle and dad (maybe?)

·       Facial Hair
As funny as it sounds, most men do believe, Beard= Proven Manhood. I wouldn’t care to agree or disagree, but I just love it. My favourite one is a well-maintained stubble. I find it extremely appealing. Just the sight of it, is pleasant to look at.

So, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this! Let me know your thoughts/ suggestions on what you would like on your guy? I would love reading the same!
Till then, Keep jammin’ and keep mannin  J Woot woot

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