Friday, 11 November 2016

Fall/Winter Eyeshadow Looks with Morphe Palette

Here are the two looks I have created using Morphe's 35O-35 Color Nature Glow and 35F- Fall into Frost palette. They are perfect for day to night time and look flattering on any skin tone! 

                                       35O-NATURE GLOW

I am using the Real Technique's crease brush to add the base. Then added oranges and browns (3&4) to the warm up the crease. I used my fingers to add the shimmer colours to the center of my eyelid. I then used cool browns on an angle brow brush to intensify and define the outer crease. 

I repeated the shades on the lower eyelid using accent brush. To brighten the eyes, I popped a warm golden tone to the inner corners and drew a wing! Using the silver/gold eye shadow, I highlighted the brow bone. I then put on generous coats of mascara and highlighted the cheek using (10) and Voila! I'm done! 

                                        35F- FALL INTO FROST

Imitating the steps in the previous look, I used flesh tones to set the base. I then added a neutral brown to the crease. I placed the shimmer purple shade on the outer and inner third of the eyes, leaving the center bare. I used my fingers to put the purple pink shadow on the center. I blended it out using the brown shade. To intensify the crease I used the matte black shade. To highlight the brow bone, I used the beautiful moon dust grey mixed with silver.

To widen and brighten the eyes, I used the silver gold shadow on the inner corner. Defined the eyes using the same colours on the lower lid. I highlighted my cheek using the gorgeous golden shimmer (This is literally blinding!!). Last step is to throw on some mascara and winged liner, and Damn, Gina! I'm ready for fall! Woot woot :-)

That's it for the looks. Hope you liked em. Do let me know what you think! 

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