Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Go-Over of the Grammy's 2014

The Grammy’s Review:
Honestly, the first expression after watching the Grammy’s this year was that it was way better than last year! Last year was over-dramatic, boring, unrealistic and more boring... But the Grammys did attempt to keep it a lot more music-related this year. Yeah, complete irony!
Anyhoo, the Grammy Awards of 2014 was hosted by LL Cool J with much nonchalance owing to his previous Grammy hosting experiences. The opening act was by power-star couple Beyonce and Jay-Z. And I was only stunned and left thinking- “How is she looking so twig-like? Didn’t she just have a baby?” And this thought was seconded by Jamie Foxx as the award ceremony proceeded. I won’t go into much detail knowing the fact that you guys must have already watched it. I would just want to give an insight of what I took back after watching the show.
Coming to the performances, it was a bag of new energy mixed with old rawness! And my favorite performance was ‘Get Lucky’ by French Robots-Daft Punks, Will Pharell, Guitarist Nile Rodgers and a special mash up with Grammy commoner Stevie Wonder which also won the Best Record of the year! The audience thoroughly enjoyed the performance with that awesome footage of Steven Tyler crackin in on some serious dance moves! Haha totally rad! There were other performances by Pink ft Nate Ruess which involved some nail biting acrobatics by Pink, Kendrick Lamar ft. Imagine Dragons was a heart thumping remix of their existing song – Radioactive which I think was better than the original. Lorde, Paul McCartney with Ringo, Keith Urban, Rolling Stones, Robin Thicke, Metallica with classical pianist Lang Lang were among the few others who performed like any other concert or event but didn’t quite capture my attention. Adding to the boiling pot was that eerie performance by Katy Perry that completely creeped me out along with that haphazard Taylor Swift’s head bang. It just didn’t add up! But, to bring a sombre note to the event came John Legend with his catapulting voice and piano performance of his song ‘All Of Me.’ There were some key notes in the show with Queen Latifah’s onstage marriage ceremony that was set on the love song by duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis who won four out of their seven Grammy nominations to Paul McCartney and Ringo coming live, Daft Punks rare live performance and so on..
To conclude it, it was quite a decent year for the Grammy not the best though. The standard expected is much higher from a prestigious organization like them. Fingers crossed till next year...

General Field Grammy Award Winners of 2014
1.     Best New Artist: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
2.     Album of the Year: Random Access Memories - Daft Punk
3.     Record of the Year: Get Lucky’- Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams
4.     Song of the Year: ‘Royals’- Lorde
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Will make another post about the Grammy fashion throwdowns by our fav artists! Woot Woot

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