Thursday, 23 January 2014

Girl Life Stages

A bird’s eye view to my "Story" would be a quiet child to a rebellious teen to a mellowed down gal! Not quite sure if I have matured enough to be called a woman. But yes, like the rest of us, my life too has gone through the 'POP CULTURE STAGES OF LIFE' as I would randomly coin it! J Join me through these stages as I elaborate further and make you go “What the Jeepers!”

All you can remember is running back home to watch your fav cartoons, then running outside your home to play REAL GAMES!  You are at your innocent best and the only explicit scenes you can recall is that of Sha la la la music video by Vengaboyz and heck yeah, you have only discovered now how madly in love you were with them and then felt equally grossed out!

You must simply admit how crazy, madly, deeply you were in love with a hot singer from a famous boy band -N-Sync, BSB, Westlife etc... and collect their posters, rummage through a music shop for their latest release. You may also at this stage own a cassette or CD player and heavily replayed all their songs till it’s wreckage! You could also sing and dance immaculately to MJ's Thriller! Woot Woot 

From celeb crushes to real life size one’s, (I kinda skipped this one and happily continued drooling over Nick Carter!) This stage involves BFF’s, frenemies, extreme dislike for either of your strict parent, heartaches, first kisses, adrenaline rush, hormone interference, I love rock music, gossip girling, fashion forwards, parties.Your life is an episode of The Kardashians!

This is the stage I am in and I believe most of us reading this are! Here, you either career focused and distressed or career hopping and distressed, indulged in compulsive shopping, you have build strong friendships, found the man and have happily let go of your celeb bf OR you are still reachin there ;-) some are highly motivated while others are still highly baked, herein, you are completely washed out by the energy of your teen! And all you want to do is feel a little settled financially and otherwise, and this may be the first time you have set foot to the actual WORLD.

STAGE 5:  
Haven’t reached here yet, if you have figured it out, do lemme know!

P.S while you are doing that, make sure you don’t terrorize me with responsibilities. I have a mom who does that job for me! Hehehe....

That’s that for me. Welcome to my life, which will involve fashion, a lil bit of beauty, music and some things random... J

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