Thursday, 24 April 2014

Vacation Trip- Dubai

Hello there! The past weeks have been absolutely hectic and I am absolutely tired! So, for those who haven’t been following me on social media, I don’t find any good reason why you shouldn’t? :P Moving on, I had been to the most amazing place on earth- Dubai! Now, habitually, I schedule my complete look right from hats to the right pair of shoes a day before I pack and strategically arrange them according to the day and itinerary! I’m sure I’m not the only one and many of you do the same, but it somehow amuses my folks when I do that! So first off, let me start by applauding the efforts of the GVK led consortium for the really magnificent Terminal 2 of the Mumbai Airport! Though it’s still under construction I really can’t wait to travel once it’s completely done, especially to check out the duty free sector.

Dubai was lovely. I was there for only a week but had a blast also, might I add, the view outside my apartment was stunning! here are some pictures of the scenic beauty:

Dhow Cruise 

The view from my apartment

The view from my apartment 2

Burj Al Arab from my Boat

Dubai Marina Bay

Dubai Marina Bay

Burj Khalifa 

Desert Safari

Palm Atlantis 
Palm Atlantis

Jumeira Beach

Dubai Marina Bay

Here are my top fav pics of my look there;

Top- Forever 21, shoes- Hill Road, bag-, belt & jeans- Westside, watch- Fossil, 

Dress and sunglasses- Forever 21, Bag- H&M, hat- gifted, shoes- Hill road

Shrug- Westside, top- Goa, Ring- Bandra, Belt & Jeans- Westside, Sunglasses- Blur

Here are some places/activity I would recommend you guys:

Visit the Burj Khalifa and Burj-Al-Arab. It goes without saying that this is a part of everyone’s itinerary! The musical fountain show at Burj Khalifa comes in duration of half an hour in the evening! Be sure to be besotted by the largest tower of the world.

Drive through Shaikh Zayed Road at night! The magnificent lightings on the building will surely leave you shell-shocked and if you are as random as me, you would expect the buildings to transmogrify into transformers at any moment!

Dubai Marina- the boat ride to Burj Al Arab was fantastic and by the pictures you can see that the view is totally worth it

Jumeira Beach/ Palm Atlantis- this must probably be the most exclusive places to visit. With a view of the blue ocean and exotic hotels, this is really a place to be.

Desert Safari- a must try for all the adrenaline junkies out there! The sand dune bashing in their beast machine is a thrill bill! They take you to the highest sand dune and slide down and of course with maximum safety, then you get to click pictures and proceed to the camp for entertainment and dinner Might I add the belly dancing was FAB!

Mall of Emirates- Along with my extensive shopping, there was a Snow World which was built for many snow activities, fun environment and is treated to a shocking -4 degrees!

The Dubai Mall- I was in love with this mall and I have shopped the maximum here and I loved the experience! Check out the Louis Vuitton, Sephoras, Victoria’s Secret, H&M Bath&BodyWorks and Topshop. Bloomingdales too didn’t fail to disappoint me. Also during the weekends it is open till 2am!
Overall this was definitely a much needed vacation. Loved the freedom and pleasure! Freedom being, frolicking on the beach at odd hours like 4am because it’s that safe! And pleasure was being able to SHOP past midnight even on weekdays! Haha

All in all a mind-blowing experience all packed in a week! Would definitely be seeing more of it soon! That’s all for today

Keep travelling and Keep dazzlin’ J Woot woot

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