Thursday, 30 January 2014

La Vie En Rose
I just watched the 200th episode of How I Met Your Mother a couple of days back and it was heartbreaking and deeply agonizing to see the mother go through that kind of loss. I’m sure the director screamed “YES” after she got her perfect shot in the song sequence of Cristin Millioti’s (The Mother) version of La Vie En Rose. Like Ted, it’s undeniably my favourite rendition too! The emotion of pain, heartbreak, loss, turmoil was flawlessly put forward in that melodious vocalization and expression! What bummed me more was the effortless nature of music westerners have inculcated within them. Unlike the Bollywood films wherein the actor holds a guitar and randomly strums it looking like a complete moron! To all the dance/music choreographers out there- Quit making us look like idiots dude!
  Anyway, coming back to HIMYM, I have been a devoted fan of the series. I guess I was in high school when I committed my energy to it. And now the realization of it coming to an end, gives a camera-eye to all the bitter-sweet memoirs I had created in the past. It totally sucks that they couldn’t stretch it out for another season. Creators of HIMYM have already announced their spinoff of How I Met Your Dad. And I am totally clustered with feelings that sum up in – “Ukkhh” Man, this isn’t fair at all! I know I have taken this way too personally, maybe heartbreaks can do that to you, but I wasn’t prepared for this at all. I wasn’t prepared to say goodbye when it all had just begun. 
Maybe, La Vie En Rose isn’t a part of my colour palette.

In case you haven’t checked out Cristin Millioti’s version of the song, here it is- 

Hold me close and hold me fast
The magic spell you cast
This is la vie en rose

When you kiss me heaven sighs
And though I close my eyes
I see la vie en rose

When you press me to your heart
I'm in a world apart
A world where roses bloom

And when you speak...angels sing from above
Everyday words turn into love songs

Give your heart and soul to me
And life will always be
La vie en rose 

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Grammy Fashion Throw downs

The Grammy Red-Carpet was definitely swoon-worthy with many celebs donning a much sober and classy look. While my scrutinizing gaze scanned each celeb, many of our fashion á la modes had definitely forgotten to RSVP. Among the ones who were MIA were Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Lady Gaga- all three who are known for their swanky, bold and over-the-top repertoire. Also missing were Adele, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Kanye West and Justin Timberlake to name a few.

The tone of the carpet ranged from metallic to jewel-toned to autumn blues. Metallic being the clear favourite,
From left to right :
Taylor Swift in chain-mail covered Gucci gown
Christine Teigen in Johanna Johnson metallic floor gown.
Ciara in an Emilio Pucci
Rita Ora in Lanvin

Here’s a list of the best dressed according to me, I loved watching on the red carpet:
Grammy’s Best Dressed (Female) 
Katy Perry 

Talk about musical inclination! Katy Perry has definitely raised up a bar (You see what I did there? :-D) in her sartorial. A creative outlook on this Valentino gown would be a majestic ivory peacock. She oodles out elegance and confidence and in this gown. Her Elizabeth Taylor inspired hairdo is actually easy attainable! Don’t trust me? Here’s a DIY of the Braided High Bun :

Grammy’s Best Dressed (Male)
Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis

Not breaking from the sobriety of the occasion is Ryan Lewis in jazzy Houndstooth suit by Mr.Turk and Macklemore in a well-tailored teal suit and a cute bow-tie.

STYLE TIP: If you are one of em roughed up fellas, you don’t enjoy dressing up all fancy, a houndstooth jacket is equally fashionable!

Grammy’s Best Dressed (Couple)
Chrissy Teigan and John Legend

As featured before, Chrissy is in a metallic floor length gown by Johanna Johnson. She looks absolutely stunning in it. The silver metallic compliments her hourglass figure and the side swept ombre hair and makeup is minimalist which makes her look even better! Not far too behind, John Legend looks crisp and dapper in a suit by Gucci. Now that’s a fashion forward couple! How adorable J

If you crave to follow this metallic trend, checkout this link for more ideas to get started!

That’s all for today folks, see you again soon. Till then, keep rockin’ and keep shoppin’ Woot Woot J

Go-Over of the Grammy's 2014

The Grammy’s Review:
Honestly, the first expression after watching the Grammy’s this year was that it was way better than last year! Last year was over-dramatic, boring, unrealistic and more boring... But the Grammys did attempt to keep it a lot more music-related this year. Yeah, complete irony!
Anyhoo, the Grammy Awards of 2014 was hosted by LL Cool J with much nonchalance owing to his previous Grammy hosting experiences. The opening act was by power-star couple Beyonce and Jay-Z. And I was only stunned and left thinking- “How is she looking so twig-like? Didn’t she just have a baby?” And this thought was seconded by Jamie Foxx as the award ceremony proceeded. I won’t go into much detail knowing the fact that you guys must have already watched it. I would just want to give an insight of what I took back after watching the show.
Coming to the performances, it was a bag of new energy mixed with old rawness! And my favorite performance was ‘Get Lucky’ by French Robots-Daft Punks, Will Pharell, Guitarist Nile Rodgers and a special mash up with Grammy commoner Stevie Wonder which also won the Best Record of the year! The audience thoroughly enjoyed the performance with that awesome footage of Steven Tyler crackin in on some serious dance moves! Haha totally rad! There were other performances by Pink ft Nate Ruess which involved some nail biting acrobatics by Pink, Kendrick Lamar ft. Imagine Dragons was a heart thumping remix of their existing song – Radioactive which I think was better than the original. Lorde, Paul McCartney with Ringo, Keith Urban, Rolling Stones, Robin Thicke, Metallica with classical pianist Lang Lang were among the few others who performed like any other concert or event but didn’t quite capture my attention. Adding to the boiling pot was that eerie performance by Katy Perry that completely creeped me out along with that haphazard Taylor Swift’s head bang. It just didn’t add up! But, to bring a sombre note to the event came John Legend with his catapulting voice and piano performance of his song ‘All Of Me.’ There were some key notes in the show with Queen Latifah’s onstage marriage ceremony that was set on the love song by duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis who won four out of their seven Grammy nominations to Paul McCartney and Ringo coming live, Daft Punks rare live performance and so on..
To conclude it, it was quite a decent year for the Grammy not the best though. The standard expected is much higher from a prestigious organization like them. Fingers crossed till next year...

General Field Grammy Award Winners of 2014
1.     Best New Artist: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
2.     Album of the Year: Random Access Memories - Daft Punk
3.     Record of the Year: Get Lucky’- Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams
4.     Song of the Year: ‘Royals’- Lorde,,

Will make another post about the Grammy fashion throwdowns by our fav artists! Woot Woot

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Republic Day Ensemble

Morning folks!
Republic Day Specials in store! 

Let’s be real guys, August 15th and today are the only two days when you actually take some trip back history! Even till this date, many of us enjoy listening to captivating stories about our freedom movement witnessed by our grandparents or a shining proud moment from our ancestry which we then use to boast among our friends!  of While majority are glued on to the TV to watch the live grand parade in Delhi, some of us are busy mall hopping for Republic Day sales! And what’s more? These are the only two days where you see people dressed in white from top to bottom! White is a classic. It eludes a dignified and sober vibe which befits the occasion. But I think it’s quite boring to go overboard with it! Why not look to our very own tricolor for inspiration?

Checkout some looks you can steal for this day:

        Republic Day Ensemble

If you are artsy by nature, try out these snazzy nail art!

That’s it for today! Hope that this day and this year brings in the much awaited and much needed CHANGE that our country is truly longing for! *Woot woot*

To-Do List before sale shopping.

With the onset of the sale season, one identifies these days with just one thing- MADNESS! Yeah, as exciting as the sales shopping sound it’s generally maddening, exhilarating, and fun with equal amount of confusion! These emotions are doubled if it’s a one day sale! *Sigh*
  I do enjoy shopping in a moderately insane environment. So street shopping fits me best! Nothing beats that moment of glory when you win a bargain with the salesperson! But a flat 50% is like a blue moon phenomena. So I took the chance and went on a shopping spree today. And I have to say, it was definitely worth the pain that my poor feet were subjected to! I got some really cool stuff from a lot of stores and what a relief to see a drop in the otherwise pinching prices!
Some pictures from my shopping haul today:

But I did my homework well, and guys as fun as sales shopping sounds, it can get chaotic and can be a poke in the eye (pun intended!). So to make it all easy, here’s a To-Do list before going Sales Crazayy!
1.     Wear clothes that are easy to slip in and out of, in case you want a trial, you don’t waste time. Wear comfortable clothes considering you have to spend long hours in it without being distracted.
2.     Avoid wearing heels as much as you can. You may have to walk a lot and it can get painful and bothersome. Wear flats or cool flip flops instead.
3.     Make a trip a day prior if possible. It will help you to checkout their existing collections and march straight to them the day next!
4.     Make a priority list. Especially the stores you really want to check out. It can get harum-scarum during this time and a list will act as a blinker to save you time.
5.     Carry a big enough bag with you like a tote or hobo and stuff some of your clothing inside it. This was a lesson for me today and I felt like King Kong, with all the bags bumping into everyone and everything. Why pay for them plastics? Turn eco-friendly instead!
6.     Keep two budgets! Yes, you read that right. We all have been there done that. You are completely resource exhausted and wish you hadn’t spent that much! So keep some spares. Will help you keep a tab on your expense and if you reaalllyyy like that cute top you know what to do ;-)
7.     As clichéd as it sounds guys, you gotta rush in early and get out early! Let it be a thumb rule for all you shoppers! The earlier you are in, you can avail the fresh stock!

Hope this really helps when you are out there. Wish you happy sales and shoppers luck!! Woot woot

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Girl Life Stages

A bird’s eye view to my "Story" would be a quiet child to a rebellious teen to a mellowed down gal! Not quite sure if I have matured enough to be called a woman. But yes, like the rest of us, my life too has gone through the 'POP CULTURE STAGES OF LIFE' as I would randomly coin it! J Join me through these stages as I elaborate further and make you go “What the Jeepers!”

All you can remember is running back home to watch your fav cartoons, then running outside your home to play REAL GAMES!  You are at your innocent best and the only explicit scenes you can recall is that of Sha la la la music video by Vengaboyz and heck yeah, you have only discovered now how madly in love you were with them and then felt equally grossed out!

You must simply admit how crazy, madly, deeply you were in love with a hot singer from a famous boy band -N-Sync, BSB, Westlife etc... and collect their posters, rummage through a music shop for their latest release. You may also at this stage own a cassette or CD player and heavily replayed all their songs till it’s wreckage! You could also sing and dance immaculately to MJ's Thriller! Woot Woot 

From celeb crushes to real life size one’s, (I kinda skipped this one and happily continued drooling over Nick Carter!) This stage involves BFF’s, frenemies, extreme dislike for either of your strict parent, heartaches, first kisses, adrenaline rush, hormone interference, I love rock music, gossip girling, fashion forwards, parties.Your life is an episode of The Kardashians!

This is the stage I am in and I believe most of us reading this are! Here, you either career focused and distressed or career hopping and distressed, indulged in compulsive shopping, you have build strong friendships, found the man and have happily let go of your celeb bf OR you are still reachin there ;-) some are highly motivated while others are still highly baked, herein, you are completely washed out by the energy of your teen! And all you want to do is feel a little settled financially and otherwise, and this may be the first time you have set foot to the actual WORLD.

STAGE 5:  
Haven’t reached here yet, if you have figured it out, do lemme know!

P.S while you are doing that, make sure you don’t terrorize me with responsibilities. I have a mom who does that job for me! Hehehe....

That’s that for me. Welcome to my life, which will involve fashion, a lil bit of beauty, music and some things random... J