Thursday, 10 July 2014

3 Playful Rompers to Keep You Stylish

Being stylish and fashionable on a regular basis can be tedious sometimes. When you run out of styling ideas, you have to take a lot of time digging through your closet just to find something that you haven't worn yet. It's no problem when it's chilly outside because you can just pull out a few pieces from your closet and layer them up to create a new ensemble. However, when the weather is going bonkers, layering is not just an option!
 So how do you stay fashionable always? The solution is simple. Rompers!
 That's right, if you want to look stylish without looking as if you're trying too hard, just rock a cool set of rompers and you are good to go. Here are three kinds of playful rompers to satisfy the fashion conscious in you.

Strapless Romper

Spending the weekend at a beach or at a pool resort? Then a strapless romper, like this super cute bow bound suit, is just what you need. What makes a strapless one ideal is that you don't have to worry about tan lines after a hot day. Just wear a pair of platform shoes or wedges and you're date-ready!

Tropical Romper

If you want to add a burst of color to your ensemble on a typically rainy day, a tropical printed romper is what you need. It's fun, colorful and very casual, perfect for a stroll in the park or shopping at the mall. More than that, it's not only perfect for the rainy but can be a fun summer outfit too. Just add essential accessories to make your outfit season appropriate!

Sleeveless Romper with Pleated Shorts

Want to create a business casual outfit? Then opt for this romper that has plaited shorts. It's sleeveless with a modest neckline, so you can still be dressed appropriately to an event. Pair it with a stylish jacket or coat, and pointed pumps and you're ready for a business event. And if you have a social event to go to afterward, just take off your jacket and you're ready to party!

As you can see, rompers are made for casual comfort.  But the different styles mentioned above can make rompers suitable for different occasion, be it for a beach party or a business meeting.

Love the post? Have different ideas for creating a look using these rompers? Let me know in the comments below! Also, checkout for their fab clothing collection!

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