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My Hair Affair- Review on Argan Oil

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So, I thought I’ll do a beauty post review today, mostly about a thing that I have been using religiously. I always get comments about my hair- how long it is, how quickly it grows and all that stuff. 2 months back I had a bad haircut at a renowned salon that I don’t wish to name. The hairstylist just couldn’t understand the difference between trimming the split ends and chopping off 10 inches! *sob sob* And just with one snip, my waist long mane had dropped down to little below shoulder length. I remember being utterly depressed and some of you girls would know exactly what I’m talking about! I wanted my hair back and fast and I tried a lot of hair products but in vain. I had heard about Moroccan oil/Argan Oil and its benefits but I checked out some products but I wasn’t sure of their authenticity and may I add they were heavily priced! But anything for my lovely hair! So I decided to go with one product anyway. Here’s some info about Argan Oil before I speak about the product further:

S Argan Oil: also known as “Liquid Gold” speaks for itself being one of the rare oils of the world.
S It’s is extracted from the kernels of the argan tree rooted in Morocco.
S It is used for cosmetic, medical and culinary uses.
S There is an increasingly popularity of this miracle oil in the past few years mostly for cosmetic and medicinal uses for acne, psoriasis, anti-aging properties and also used in hair styling products- shampoos, conditioner, serums etc
S It is said that it was mostly used by the Berber women who have known to have gorgeous glowing skin and have also been highly commercialised by their efforts.

Product name:  Argan oil L'Or De Marrakech

Quantity:     100 ml


Directions on the bottle: It can be used as hair oil or leave in conditioner. For face use as moisturiser.

How I have used it: Just a few drops on my palm and massage it into the scalp. I sometimes use it on my face when my face is dry for moisturising effect but not a regularly. I also use two drops for my nail cuticles.

My Experience- I have used this product for a month and I am so in love with it! I did happen to have a conversation with Miss. Supriya from the company who was sweet enough to give me an insight to the product and the company. I have used it on my hair, face and nails and I can tell you with absolute certainty that it works! My hair growth has doubled in the last 2 months. Even people around me can notice the difference! As for my face I have only used it a couple of times and I didn’t break out! Which is a wonder considering the fact I have an extremely sensitive skin. My nails look amazing. They used to chip quite easily but I can definitely sense that it has become much stronger. I don’t usually go out of the way to convince people to buy a product but I would definitely recommend this oil. You can easily purchase it through Shopclues  here

Beauty Jury Whispers: Always buy argan oil which is packed a dark glass. That actually marks its true authenticity because light breaks down natural properties of the oil and you can’t really afford that happening to the “Liquid Gold” now, can we? Also, pure argan oil absorbs faster in your skin. It is never greasy.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post! Do comment and lemme know about your bad hair cuts, argan oil experience and just about anything else. I love reading your lovely responses! Woot woot J

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